Unwind Clay Mask



This blend of botanical powders and clays will nourish and cleanse your skin of impurities without stripping away the natural oils! Don’t know how to use one? We’ve got you!

Ingredients: bentonite clay, kaolin clay, rose petal powder, cocoa powder*, aloe vera powder*, recycled coffee grounds | *organic

Note: All prices correspond to one unit of product.

How to: Using a non-metal spoon and container, scoop out a teaspoon worth of the dry powder. Activate with a liquid of your choice- water, yogurt, milk, honey, aloe vera juice etc. Mix until well combined and apply on face. Let dry for 10 minutes and then add a few drops of water to exfoliate your face. The coffee grounds in the mask will help with that! For dry skin, try activating with milk, yogurt, or honey. For normal to oily skin types, try activating with water. Recommended use is once every 7-10 days. Over usage can lead to dry skin.

Care: Keep dry and away from water. Transfer to a non-metal container to prolong life.
Manufactured: DEC 2020
Expiry: DEC 2021
Weight: 20GRAMS

Packaging: These clay mask minis come in a kraft paper pouch that has a resealable zipper made from bioplastics. The pouches are 100% biodegradable and compostable. The labels, as always, are printed on recycled landfill-bound paper.

Weight 20 g

Single Pouch, Set of 3


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