frequently asked questions

product & packaging
> are any of Vaanya’s products tested on animals?
absolutely not! products are only tested on willing human participants.

> are all of Vaanya’s products vegan?
yes! no product contains any animal by-product of any kind.

> are the bar soaps at Vaanya cold process?
yes, all bar soaps are manufactured using the traditional soap-making method called the cold process method.

> how long do the full size bar soaps last?
when paired with a draining soap dish, and allowing the bar to dry completely between uses, it can be expected to last for 4-5 weeks. however, please bare in mind that a draining soap dish is imperative to prolong the life of any bar soaps. also, kindly consider the weather in which the bar is being used. it is likely to dry fully and harden faster between uses in a dried climate, then in a relatively humid one. tip- cut the bar in half, use one-half in the shower, and save the second-half for later. we have had half-bars just as long as full-size bars, for customers.

> do cold process bar soaps expire?
technically, no. cold process soap gets better over time, it becomes milder as it ages. however, since we use only pure essential oils to scent our bar soaps, the scent will tend to fade quicker than in case of synthetic fragrances. for this reason, recommended use is within 6-8 months of manufacture.

> is your packaging really plastic free?
yes, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! our bar soaps are wrapped in certified home-compostable starch wraps, boxes are made with recycled materials, labels are printed on recycled paper, and tape used is made of paper (with starch-based adhesives) too! we truly believe in taking care of our mama earth just as much as we do of ourselves, and we hope that you’ll join us!

> are your products sold in stores?
currently, our products are available only on our website

> when will a ‘sold out’ product be back in stock?
limited edition products will not be restocked anytime soon once they sell out. the regulars will be back in 2-3 weeks of being sold out. note- whipped body butters are not stocked during the months of April to September, due to the heat melting them in transit. it is possible that they aren’t stocked in months not mentioned above, but that would only be incase of immense heat.

orders, cancellations, and refunds

> what payment methods do you accept?
currently, all India-issued debit and credit cards, along with UPI, Net banking, and certain Wallets, are accepted on the website. note- AMEX, PayPal, and other internationally issued debit and credit cards are not accepted at the moment.

> how do i go about cancelling an order?
you are well within your right to cancel an order, but please note that every order attracts a 5% cancellation fee. we work with payment gateways that deduct a small portion of the amount you pay for your order, before crediting the amount to us. we will also be charged a fee when we refund the amount to you. for this reason, a 5% cancellation fee will be levied and the remainder will be refunded to your account.
note- orders may be cancelled at anytime within 24 hours of them being placed. please notify us via email here:, or simply reply to your order confirmation email. orders cannot be cancelled once you have received a shipping notification, as the package will have already left the workshop by that time.

> can i return the items i ordered?
due to the personal care nature of our products, we are unable to accept returns, or offer any refunds. we are also unable to accept the return of any unopened products, as they have been out of our supervision. if you are unhappy with your purchase, please write to us here: along with your concerns and order number.

> can i modify my order?
orders once placed cannot be modified, in that, products cannot be added or deleted from the front-end, by a customer. please contact us here: along with your order number if you would like to add any items to your order. we will do the needful and send you a payment link for the product amount and differential shipping fee. note- orders cannot be modified once shipped. please check your inbox for a shipping notification in advance.

> i did not receive an order confirmation, but the payment went through. how do i resolve this?
first of all, we apologise! this may happen on the rare occasion of a glitch on our website, or with the bank servers/payment gateway servers. please email us here: with the payment confirmation screenshot/message, along with the name, email ID, and phone number attached to your order. we will look into it and provide you with a resolution at the earliest.

shipping & delivery

> when will my order be shipped?
orders are typically dispatched in 3-5 business days and delivered in 3-5 business days of dispatch. please note, delivery timelines are over and above processing timelines. orders are dispatched in 4-7 business days after a big restock on the website. this is a small business, please don’t expect your order to ship in 24 hours of it being received! we try our best to get orders out at the earliest. please give yourself and us enough time to ship out your order, especially if you’re ordering for a special day! note- on the off-chance that there is a delay in dispatching an order, we always notify the customer via email. order dispatches and delivery timelines are extended due to the current COVID-19 restrictions.

> how much does shipping cost?
shipping is calculated based on the number of products ordered. the minimum shipping fee applicable is INR80 for 1 nos. products. For every additional product, an extra 10INR is levied w.r.t. shipping. Example- 3 products would attract a shipping fee of 100INR and so on.

> i have accidentally entered the wrong shipping address at checkout, how do i correct this?
no worries- kindly respond to your order confirmation email with a correction request and the correct shipping address as soon as possible. in case your order has already been shipped, there is no provision to correct any details entered.

> what if my package gets returned to your studio?
this happens very rarely and only on the occasion that the delivery agent(s) are absolutely unable to deliver your order. we then request a ‘return to sender’ i.e., the package be returned to our studio. we can arrange for the package to be sent back to you, however, this will attract twice the shipping fee as applied at checkout. this is because we incur costs to have the package returned to us and then shipping it back out to a customer.

ingredients & sensitivities

> i am allergic to coconut oil, where do i check for ingredients?
please take a look at the description box under each product listing before purchasing any product. a detailed ingredient list is always provided there, as well as on the packaging of the product. a patch test is HIGHLY recommended when trying out any new product on the skin. note- we do not make any claims about our products curing any pre-existing skin conditions. these are not dermatological or pharmaceutical products to be used as replacements to any medicated products recommended by doctors. please consult your physician in case of any pre-existing skin conditions prior to using any of these products, especially while pregnant or nursing.


> if Vaanya Soap Co. a registered business entity?
yes, and we’re glad you asked! Vaanya Soap Co. is the brand owned by Sustainable Essentials India- a registered MSME with UDYAM-MH-27-011389.

in case of additional queries, please reach out here: