Handcrafted, Plant-Based, Zero-Waste Personal Care

how eco-conscious is our packaging- for real?

we’re glad you asked! all labels are printed on recycled ocean-bound paper. the bar soaps are wrapped either in paper, or in home-compostable vegetable starch pouches. the cardboard boxes or paper mailers your order comes in can be home-composted too! still unsure? shoot us an email =)


“I managed to order the sample bars. Due to some glitch was not able to bag the body butter, clay mask and soap combo. I really loved the texture of the soaps. And the fragrance, oh my! My skin really loved it, especially the Tilia bar! Pure heaven! And the fragrance; i love the notes of lavender in it! Another observation is that the soaps are quite long lasting. Can’t wait to order more soon!!!!❤️”

-Deborah P.

“I’ve been using the soap bar and body butter for a few weeks now, and they are probably one of the best products I’ve used till date, and I’m getting into a more sustainable lifestyle so definitely going to be a loyal customer”

Sushmitha B.

“Bought the eucalyptus and mint whipped body butter. It smells heavenly and the texture is smooth. It melts perfectly with body heat and moisturises body well. Great for dry skin too!!”

– Harshita A.

“Bar Soaps: I’ve tried almost ALL bar soaps from Vaanya, and they never fail to impress! I’ve been using Vaanya soaps since July 2020, and the difference in product quality is visibly appreciated with usage! Back in July, the soap would succumb to my grip and become too soft and often lose its shape. However, its quality (size, variety, scents) has improved a lot since then. These come in biodegradable wrappings made out of vegetable starch. LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging! My favourites: Coconut+Coffee, Evergreen, Mint Bean, Triple Butter, Double Mint, Banoffee (Limited Edition), Candy Cane (Limited Edition)”

– Lavanya V.